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  • Skyliner Climbers

    This is a new section for plants that lie between the patio climberand the full blown 10, 12 up to 15 foot climbers.

    They have quite distinct attributes:

    1. They all produce clusters of small flowers like the old ramblerssuch as Excelsa and Dorothy Perkins - except these are perpetual.
    2. They can be pruned to keep them as a freestanding shrub of about5 or 6 foot each way or can be trained as climbers to about 8 feethigh and wide.
    3. Although not totally disease free, they certainly show a muchbetter resilience to problems than the older rambler/climbers.
  • cluster flower floribunda
  • patio climbing roses
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  • Patio and dwarf...

    Specifically for the smaller garden, these roses are basically dwarf floribundas.  They are ideal for patios, narrow borders and the large rockery, and they give a real blaze of colour when planted in beds or in large tubs - although extra care must be taken to maintain them.
    Plant 15-18ins. apart. S – 10-18ins.,  M – 18-24ins.,  T – 24ins. and over.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items