Delivery Charges

Rose delivery with our own packaging is a safe and quick option.  All we ask for are precise address details and your patience. If you need roses we promise to get them to you as quickly as possible!  

The current Covid-19 situation has had an effect on some deliveries and we are therefore only sending boxed roses out on Mondays to Thursday am, otherwise, a potted boxed rose could easily end up in a courier warehouse with no water!


If you live in Mainland Europe or USA, delivery charges vary. To discuss costs, please email or ring +44 1829 740663

Bare Root Roses and Potted Roses

Traditionally, only bare root roses are posted from November to March but at C&K Jones, we will pot and post any rose at any time of the year (subject to availability). After all, a rose can make the ideal gift for Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, and sometimes a rose is the perfect Memorial for a loved one or a way to symbolise grief.

The cost of the potted rose is more than bare root roses for a variety of reasons including a charge for the pot, compost, maintenance and overall care etc. It is worth remembering that the total weight of pot plus soil plus tailormade package may exceed 3kg which means higher delivery charges.

The main advantage to bare root roses is they are cheaper and easier to handle. The roses can also be stored in their packaging for a short time (up to 1 week) providing the roots are kept damp and free from the frost.

A potted rose purchased online can be a convenient and exciting way to celebrate a special occasion.  We offer a free personalised message service.

It is our hope that the convenience and immediacy of a delivered rose in a pot with a personalised message will compensate for the relatively high cost of packaging and carriage.

UK Delivery charges of Bare Root roses (November to February/March)

Delivery charges of Bare Root roses (November to February/March)
Bare root roses will generally be delivered via royal mail unless express delivery is required.

Delivery charges are based on weight of products, for example:
1-4 Bare root HT roses (250g each) £4.95
5-8 roses £6.95
9-20 roses £8.95

UK Delivery charges of Potted roses (All Year) Are higher due to the additional weight of pot and planting medium.

Delivery charge for:
1 Potted rose +£9.75
2-5 Potted Roses +£2.75 per rose

There is a substantial reduction in delivery costs per rose when more than one rose is purchased.
(for orders of 6 or more, please contact the C&K Jones office 01829 740663)