About Us

“Where People who Love Roses buy Roses to Love”

Roses have been making people smile for years. As time passes, more rose varieties are being produced with better colours, perfumes, foliage, better uniformity, more reliable flower production and improved resistance to pests and diseases.

C&K Jones has a reputation for quality roses. Quality roses of every kind such as hybrid tea, floribunda roses, climbers, ramblers, ground cover and standard roses. There are pink roses, wonderful red roses, bright yellow roses, perfect white roses proud purple roses and even striped varieties.

We’ve been building our reputation for over thirty years. We’re proud of our roses, and we will never prejudice our good name.

We know what makes a good rose. And we are determined to eliminate weaknesses, and breed in strengths.

You can buy roses online through our web site, and this is designed to be enjoyable, convenient and cost effective. To this end, purchase of bare root plants is encouraged between November and April.

To protect your potted rose, we use tailormade packaging. However, the total weight of soil plus pot plus packaging can exceed 3kg and this forces delivery costs higher. Although we regret that buying potted plants can seem a high-cost option it does guarantee that the rose arrives safely as a personal, well-timed gift.

To remember a special day, a potted rose sent with a personalised message is hard to beat.